Hi there!  If you have any questions first see if we have already answered them below.  If not, please contact us and we'll get back to you as quick as we can.

How do I search for specific activities?

With a smart search engine and plenty of filters, finding the activities you really want is so easy. Simply check / uncheck the filters for age, days of week, activity type & holiday programs. Or you can do a simple search by activity type or location. We also have a radius search which will find relevant activities within the location radius you select, for example, within 5kms of your suburb. We have also recently introduced the ability to search for online activities.

What if my search returns no results?

Try changing some of your filters or increasing the radius button to include a wider area to search for activities.

What age groups does Kidibizi cover?

We have information on activities for kids from 0 to 18 years. Just select which age groups you are looking for and we'll show you what activities are available.

Active and Creative Kids Program (NSW)

The NSW Government is helping kids with the Active & Creative Kids program. From 1 Jan 2019, parents can access both the $100 Active Kids voucher & the $100 Creative Kids Rebate each year for every school-aged child. From 1 July 2019, parents can access a second $100 Active Kids voucher. Apply online or in person at a Service NSW centre. Our search engine has the option to search by both Active and Creative registered activity providers making it easy for you to find...

Who provides services listed on the Kidibizi website?

Kidibizi provides the website for businesses to list on. Businesses which are listed on the website provide the services.

What happens if I have issue or a problem with a business listed on the website?

Please first make contact the business to try and resolve the issue. If you do not get a resolution please contact us at hello@kidibizi.com.au and we will look into the matter.

Content on the website

Businesses listed on the website are responsible for keeping the content on their listing correct and up to date. If you find any information which you believe is incorrect on the website, please contact us via the contact us form or at hello@kidibizi.com.au.

How can I contact a business?

Once you open the activity page you can see the businesses contact information, businesses can be contacted by phone or via email using the contact tab next to the map. This will send an email directly to the business with your contact details so they can contact you.

Any other questions?

For more details please see our Terms and Conditions or contact us via email at hello@kidibizi.com.au or via the contact us form and we will respond to your query within 2 business days.


The Kidibizi Team.