5 Benefits of Sports for your Kids Development


As a parent, you want your kids to be happy, healthy, and engaged. You also want them to have healthy development throughout their lives, and being involved in sports is a great way to encourage this!

We’ve rounded up five reasons why you should encourage your kids to join a sports activity or two, so they can have fun, and you get a few minutes to sit and relax.


5 Benefits of sports for your kids development

1.  Sports builds confidence

There are days when your kid may seem like the most confident person alive, but being on a team and involved can help ensure that their confidence levels skyrocket. Getting a pat on the back or a high five from a teammate can help build confidence. Also, hearing encouraging words from their coaches can help build their self-esteem levels.

2. Sports teach social skills

When your kid plays a sport, they’re part of a team. Being a good team member can teach them the social skills that they’ll use all through their lives like teamwork and cooperation. They’ll learn how to interact with other kids and both younger and older age groups. Sports teams are also excellent places to make new friends!

3.  Sports teach healthy habits

When your kid first joins their team, they may find that they have trouble keeping up. Changing their eating habits and exercising as a team can help them learn healthy habits that can follow them throughout their lives. It also encourages listening skills and following sets of rules, along with penalties for breaking the rules. 

These five great reasons to encourage your kid to join a sports team can encourage their development in healthy and fun ways. You get a short break, they get to have fun, and everyone wins!

4. Sports keep your kids busy

Have you ever had your kid tell you that they’re bored or that there is nothing for them to do? Sports can take up a significant amount of downtime, so it’s harder for them to get bored. They’ll get to go to a safe and structured environment, and they get to hang out with other people around their own ages.

5. Sports teach commitment

Most sports teams require their players to go to practice at least once a week, if not more than once a week. When your kids sign up for a sport, it’ll help them learn commitment. Going to school, coming home and doing homework, and then going to practice is like a full-time job for them, but it teaches them what it’s like to be part of something bigger than just themselves.