Audioplay: Sun Runners


Are you ready to join the most daring, dangerous, heart-stopping intergalactic race in the universe...

With a pair of headphones and a mobile device, your kids will be hurtling across the farthest reaches of the galaxy from your living room. Sun Runners infuses imaginative, physical play with a cinematic score to create a thrilling action-packed experience. Audioplay is technology without the screens, an on-demand real life experience for your family to play at home.

The Sun Run is the most dangerous, intergalactic race in the universe, involving a lap of the entire solar system and around the sun. Gamma and Olli are the youngest Sun Runners there ever was and they are ready to race. Just days before the big race, Olli and Gamma crash land on Mercury – they’ve got to get out of this intergalactic mess and get back to the asteroid belt in time for the Sun Run.

Audioplay is podcast meets audiobook meets creative play. Kids put on headphones, step into the story and become the characters, playing out the action in real life. With Audioplay blanket forts and cushion rafts become the centre of epic adventures, where kids play out the action complete with a filmic score and sound effects.

Audioplay puts kids at the heart of the story, in the safety of their own living room or backyard... all without screens.

Audioplay’s Sun Runners is a 6 part series designed for one and two players playing in the same room – it’s great for siblings or for parents to play with their kids. Each episode is roughly 15 minutes in duration and kids can (and often do) play the episodes multiple times. Audioplay is available for both Android and iOS devices and the experience can be downloaded through the links below.

App Download Links

Android - https://bit.ly/3cL0Hsw
iOS/Apple - https://apple.co/3bUOZw0


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